As a golf professional, I have four places on my body that have been bothering me for some time. Because I demonstrate, practice and play golf for a living I cannot afford to  hurt. After taking CBD BC3 I was able to sleep on my side with no pain to my shoulder. I can now lift my arm and rotate my shoulder fully for the first time in six months. I have now been on CBD BC3 for three months. Honestly, I could tell a difference the first day but literally after a week my aches and pains from golf went away. I’m sold on this product! read more

Nancy Q.regular customer

I feel very relaxed, No aching in my neck anymore. My left hand tremor is not as pronounced.

Rita E.regular customer

Zeal Pure CBD oil is amazing. I am thankful plus grateful for the CBD Oil that you sell and how benficial it is, and how wonderful it works. I SLEEP BETTER!

Tiffany M.regular customer

I feel like I can finally be calm and relaxed again not to mention a good night’s sleep! Thank you so much!

Danny R.regular customer