Yes! Thanks to the farm act in 2014, hemp is readily available through all 50 states in the United states! But this is also because hemp is not marijuana nor does it contain any marijuana extracts. Coming from industrial hemp, hemptonics is tested and ensures that the thc content is well below the legal allowed limit of .03% thc.

Typically when people are asking if hemp contains marijuana, what they are looking for you to disclose is does it have any thc? Although hemp and marijuana are essentially different cultivars of the same plant Cannabis sativa L marijuana has been cultivated to concentrate high levels of THC (frequently as much as 18%) where in the cultivation of hemp which is used in paper, nutritional supplements and many more industrial uses contains less than .03% thc. Meaning it has non of the psychoactive effects. Seeing as hemp tonics is derived or made from hemp oil, not marijuana that problem does not exist!

Since Zeal Pure is made from grown industrial hemp, our Hemp Oil comes from the plants stalk and seeds and not from the flowering tops, meaning the risk on having THC is nonexistent.

As a nutritional supplement, this is not a one size fits all and your results will very, but you can expect to feel a relaxing state (less stressed or anxious) as well as mood and overall well being. With the black cumin seed present, that has been shown to help with recovery in the body.

No, because hemp oil specifically derives from hemp oil or stalks whereas cbd oil derives from marijuana oil or purified cbd oil. Also cbd is only one of the 80+ active phytocannabinoids in hemp.

All the ingredients profiled were combined to already use the power of hemp by adding other ingredients that add a synergistic effect to the Zeal Pure product! As more research comes out you will see that hemp by itself can only hit the CB1 receptor, responsible for neurological problems (sleep, anxiety, ect.) By adding black cumin oil it binds to specific cannabinoid receptors in the body called CB2 receptors. These CB2 receptors are involved in helping and supporting healthy nervous system function and immune function, and they also promote calming and relaxation through their influence on inflammation regulation.

Together it makes it easy to give your body the essentials to combat everyday obstacles!

No you do not need to get a prescription because this is not a drug, but Zeal Pure always recommends that you contact a health care professional before taking any nutritional supplement.

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