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CBD Oil Enhanced with Black Cumin


Our custom blended pure CBD oil is enhanced with BC3, and specifically designed to give you relief from morning to evening.

BC3 contains:

    • Cold Pressed Black Cumin Seed Oil
    • Cold Pressed Grape Seed Oil
    • Cold Pressed Red Raspberry Seed Oil


Why is our pure CBD better?

We start with Colorado grown organic HEMP, and it’s grown organically with out pesticides, and heavy metals, as the base of our products. It is carefully processes to retain a very specific cannabinoids, terpenes, and phytonutrients that are targeted to help reduce pain.

Why BC3?

The “Black Cumin Seed Oil Synergy Patent” covers the synergistic effect of antioxidant activity helping to reduce pain, inflammation and other benefits (see patent reference below).


As with all of our products, this product is THC FREE.