group A4

Welcome to the 2019 informal case study.

We are looking for individuals who experience discomfort and want to try a natural supplement. Our products are legal in all 50 states and contain no THC. This group will be led by Georgina Lewis.

This study requires participation for 8 weeks. You will be asked to use one or more of the products and fill out a simple questionnaire at the end of each week. There is a $100 fee to cover administrative fees and shipping costs. Products will be provided from the Zeal Pure product line. You will receive one package every two weeks, containing different products for a total of 5 products.

We ask that you test a minimum of 3 of the following 5 products.:

  • Travel size Cold Therapy Freeze CBD Roll On
  • Travel size CBD Infused Skin Balm
  • SoundSleep CBD Sleep Gels
  • Hemp BC3 CBD Black Cumin Seed Oil Blend Tincture
  • Synergy CBD Oil Cold Pressed Black Cumin Blend Tincture

Participants will be required to share there experiences and opinions on each product on a private electronic questionnaire each week. Experiences & opinions will be public but your personal information will be kept confidential. You will have access to a private Facebook group which you can participant in at your own leisure. Results from this study may be shared to launch a secondary more in depth study.


We appreciate your interest to participate, please complete the following: